Turning 30? Get a Health Insurance before it’s Too Late

Family Health Insurance Plan

Today, health has become a cause of worry in India, not just because of food contamination, bad surroundings, and increased pollution but also because of high healthcare costs.

Poor health care leads to delayed and prolonged recovery.  Thus, it is important for every individual to buy a plan that takes care of their health requirements. A plan not just for you but also for each member of your family.

Although the life expectancy rate in India has increased, we should not forget that the number of diseases affecting people at a young age has also grown.

Therefore, health insurance plans have become a basic necessity for every household. One of the best ways is to get a family health insurance plan that will cover the health of every family member. It will further prevent you from paying tremendous bills that can wipe out all of your saved funds.

When is the right time to buy a Health Insurance Policy?

Buying a health insurance plan at an early age is the right time to purchase a health insurance plan. One can without much of a stretch anticipate that health care prices are only going to expand in the near future, therefore, a postponement in purchasing health insurance is foolish. There are a few advantages that you get when you pick to purchase health insurance at a youthful age.

Here are some of the advantages you will get if you get a health insurance plan before turning 30: –

  1. No scope for Waiting Periods

Health insurance plans have waiting/holding up periods that may extend from a period of one month to 4 years. An individual cannot make any claims during this period. If you purchase your health insurance policy at a youthful age, you can make sure that you can without much of a stretch ride out the holding up period. Aside from this holding up period, there are others in regards to prior illnesses and difficulties like knee-cap replacement,  and so forth. When you are youthful, you, for the most part, needn’t bother with inclusion for such illnesses, which enables you to finish the holding up periods with no issues.

  1. Pay Low Premiums for a Plan

When you are youthful, you can benefit health insurance plans with no medicinal registration, and you are offered a more extensive scope of arrangements. Premium rates rely upon various components, one of which is the age of the policyholder. Thus, you can get a far-reaching and comprehensive inclusion at lower premiums.

Huge numbers of the most recent insurance plans offer wide inclusion that spreads maternity benefits, vector-borne illnesses, daycare methodology, and OPD costs, etc. Further, the inclusion will just increment as you get more seasoned, so the more you are on your plan, the better inclusion you can get. What’s more, with the various plans accessible to you, you have the opportunity to settle on a plan after due thought, to pick one that suits your necessities and prerequisites the best.

  1. Lifetime Renewability

 Lifetime Renewability

Purchasing health insurance at a more established age comes with various complications You need to experience various health check-ups before you can benefit the insurance and plenty of arrangements. Moreover, there are many policy plans that are meant just for people belonging to a particular age bracket.  Be that as it may, when you purchase a health insurance policy at a youthful age, you can search for a policy that offers lifetime inexhaustibility, and guarantee that you stay secured for a significant lot of time and can benefit expanded inclusion.

  1. Increased Bonuses

All insurance organizations offer ‘No Claims Bonuses’ to individuals for every claim-free year. This bonus is an accumulating bonus. When you purchase insurance at a youthful age, odds the odds of getting no claim bonuses are more, and as it is a combined reward, you can gather a noteworthy increment in the aggregate inclusion sum. This plan will thus turn out to be extremely useful in the later years when you really require a bigger inclusion.

  1. Tax reductions for Extended Years

As per the Income Tax Act of 1961, under segment 80D, one may guarantee the premium paid towards individual or family health insurance as a reasoning from their aggregate income. When you purchase insurance at a more youthful age, you can appreciate the tax cuts for a more drawn out timeframe.

  1. Improved Financial Planning

Purchasing a health insurance policy at a more youthful age gives you a chance to get to better health inclusion. It likewise helps in planning your funds in a superior way. At the point when your therapeutic cover is satisfactory as per your requirements, you can center around making other long-haul speculations.

Aside from the previously mentioned advantages, there are fewer odds of you experiencing health complications. This implies that the odds of your application to purchase a health insurance policy being rejected are beside irrelevant.

Don’t waste time waiting for 2 months after celebrating your 30th birthday. Start researching and consulting different people for a good insurance plan.

We understand, choosing the best health insurance plan out of so many options is quite a task. It becomes even more difficult if you haven’t assessed your needs or weighed the pros and cons of the insurance policies that are available to you. Get in touch with us to compare different plans and select the right one.


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